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Based on the car make and model, the diameter and width of the tyres can vary significantly. Car manufacturers design tyres that are suitable for all kinds of car makes and models. This implies that while all kinds of cars may have different tyre sizes, some of them overlap and are standardized to suit multiple models. Car tyres are designed to withstand the harshness of the road that comes in different forms. Car manufacturers design the car tyres in a way that they are able to withstand heat, cold, excess water and stay rigid enough to cover thousands of miles without replacement.

The conditions of the roads also greatly determine the life of a car’s tyres. Better roads can let the tyres survive for longer as less wear and tear takes place whereas the roads that are full of pebbles and are cracked can cause the tyres to lose their life very quickly. Slowly and steadily, the tyres get worn out and need to be replaced with new ones. The treads of the tyres that are essential for maintaining the car’s grip on the road are also subject to wear and tear. As the wheels continue to be used, the treads grow shallower making the tyres less capable of traction and being unsafe for use.

Pay onlinetyre.com.au a visit immediately and see if your tyres are road worthy. The warrant of fitness of the vehicle is also achievable only after the thorough examination of the fitness of the tyres. The treads of the tyres have to have a specific depth in order to qualify for a warrant of fitness. onlinetyre.com.au sell only top of the line tyres coming from the best of the best tyre manufacturers. Car and truck tyres designed and manufactured by the most popular brands are sold with warranty at onlinetyre.com.au. While the prices of the tyre models can vary from one manufacturer to another, the quality of the tyres sold by at onlinetyre.com.au is unmatched for all the makes. Contact onlinetyre.com.au now to have your car tyres replaced and get satisfactory road results with your new tyres.

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