Wheel Alignments

The Dangers of Unaligned Wheels

Unaligned wheels can cause uneven tyre wear and can even damage suspension components. Poor alignment will noticeably affect a vehicle's handling and performance, and your vehicle will not be safe on the road. Many things can throw off a vehicle's wheel alignment, but the most common sources are: bumping into a kerb while parking, or driving over a pothole. If you notice your vehicle's alignment seems off, we recommended getting a wheel alignment ASAP before it leads to bigger problems.

Wheel alignment being performed

Alignment Warning Signs

If your vehicle's wheels are misaligned, while driving you may feel vibration or feel your vehicle pulling to either side on its own. You might also hear your tyres squealing as you turn around corners.

Ensuring your wheels are correctly aligned will increase the life of your tyres and improve your overall ride quality. For that reason, we recommend having the alignment of your wheels checked every 10,000km for maximum tyre life. Here at onlinetyre.com.au, our fitment centers use the latest in Hunter brand wheel alignment technology to align your vehicle's wheels.

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